Braces Singapore: Can we kiss if we have Braces?

Braces can help you prevent gum disease if you have poorly spaced teeth that make flossing between them and brushing them a challenge. You may also consider braces for cosmetic purposes if the alignment or spacing of your teeth affects your self-esteem.

If you’re considering braces in Singapore for the first time, we have a resourceful guide you may want to read before getting this dental work. In the guide, you will discover whether you’re a good candidate for braces or not and the types of braces, among other basics. Read it on this page:

Kissing with Braces? Here’s what Dentists Suggest

Braces are some of the most popular dental work, with millions people getting them daily for correcting dental issues like overbites, closing gaps and improving smiles, etc. Like any other treatment, before consenting to braces, you will need to discuss your options and the limitations that may come with this dental work.

Kissing, for example, is one of the things you may want to get clear information on before getting the braces in Singapore. Firstly, to understand the possibility of this treatment affecting some of the things you may want to do, like kissing, you would need to know how they’re inserted.

Now, there are different types of braces in Singapore. The placement varies, and so is their impact on kissing. If you wanted the traditional metal or ceramic braces and your partner is also wearing the braces, for example, there is some chance your braces may snag, or one of you may bump lips with wires used to fix the braces. The braces may also cause cuts on the tongue or lips.

Although this is very unlikely, it is imperative that you be aware of it. There is also a possibility of the braces getting loose and probably falling off, especially if they snag.

If this happens, you will need to revisit the orthodontist to have the braces fixed on your teeth again. If you opt for the lingual braces, there is very minimal risk of the braces snagging or your partner’s lips bumping on the wires when you kiss.

Unlike the conventional braces, which are applied to the front of your teeth, these braces will be applied to the back of your teeth. You also have the option of using clear alignment trays for repositioning your teeth.

If your fancy the clear alignment trays, you will not need any wires or bands, as is the case with conventional braces or lingual braces. If you use the clear alignment trays, you will need to change them after around 7 to 14 days.

Even though the clear alignment trays are effective, there is also a small risk of loosening these braces and probably falling off your teeth. If you wish to kiss with braces, here’s something that you can find helpful.

You may want to give your partner a closed-mouth kiss. In this case, your braces will be tucked away under the lips, so the wires won’t bump on your partner’s lips or the tongue.

Here’s another twist; if the braces had already caused some irritation on soft tissues in your mouth, some pressure might increase the irritation. You can avoid this by ensuring that your kisses are soft and gentle.

The bottom line here is that you can kiss with braces, but you will need to go slow. Perhaps, you may need to wait for some time until you feel comfortable with the braces before trying to kiss.

A wait period of 7 to 14 days should be enough. Even after this period, you will need to ensure that your tongues are tucked away from the braces when kissing.

This is important because there is a risk of the braces causing cuts on the lips or tongues during this moment, an experience that may not be pleasing. Perhaps you may also consider using dental wax on your braces to make kissing more comfortable and enjoyable. The dental wax, in this case, is effective because it can cover the rough spots on your braces to prevent potential cuts or snagging when you kiss.

Do Braces Change your Lips?

If you’re considering braces in Singapore, it is natural to have some concern regarding the extent to which the braces will change your facial structure, most specifically, the lips. Now, there are several factors that determine the overall appearance of your facial structure.

A perfect example, in this case, is the jawbone structure which determines how your cheeks and chin appear. It is also important to note that your lips rest against the teeth and this explains best why persons who have overbite have their upper lips sticking out sometimes in ways that impact their self-esteem.

Now, having braces may leave some changes on your lips, making them appear bigger. This will mostly happen because they can change your lip’s position.

This change isn’t severe, though. This dental work will only cause a slight change on the base on which the lips were resting.

However, if you get the conventional braces with a wire system, there are chances your lips may appear bigger. This will be caused by the extra width that this treatment will cause between the lips and teeth.

This effect is temporary and is a result of your lips not being able to sit far back against the teeth. It doesn’t imply that your lips are big. In fact, you can expect the lips to go back to their natural position when you finally remove the braces.

Depending on the alignment of your teeth, having braces in Singapore may also change your lips to improve your smile or looks. For example, if you have an underbite, the braces can help improve the alignment of your teeth to make your upper lips appear plumper.

On the same note, if you have an overbite, this dental work can help bring your teeth back in position. This would help give your lips enough space to fall back and look slightly reduced in size if the alignment of your teeth made them appear bigger.

In Closing

You can still kiss with braces, but you will have to do it gently. If you can wait for some time to get used to the braces that would be fine. If you’re yet to get braces, send us your message now to book a consultation and plan for your treatment.


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